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AAA has been on front line to tackle leprosy disease in the communities. Our approach has been to talk with them, motivate and assure them that we are there to accompany them. Current statistics show that over 7 million people are currently affected by leprosy across the world and in South Sudan, we have quite a significant number even though the actual number is not yet established by WHO. Although curable, many people are unable to access treatment, even though the cure is free. As noted, Leprosy is curable but if left untreated, it causes life-changing permanent damage to hands, feet and eyes, leading to paralysis, blindness, ulcers and amputations. Due to misunderstanding, lack of information and incorrect beliefs, people affected by leprosy can experience severe discrimination and prejudice when they show symptoms, or when a diagnosis is confirmed.
The consequences can be devastating; people are often shunned by their community or even their own family, they may lose their livelihoods and they can even experience thoughts of suicide. They are left to endure a lifetime of abuse, isolation and shame.
As we AAA, we work to find, treat and rehabilitate these hidden people and promote their rights.

Achievement 2018

  • 291 of new leprosy cases detected and put on MDT.
  • 15 of MCR shoes distributed.
  • Dressing Materials for PALs.
  • 300 PALs received seed and agriculture tools.
  • 6 of  Women, men and children affected with Leprosy benefitted from surgery and strategy for treatment of Leprosy infection, patients support strategies such as educational, financial, psychosocial support, use of information communication technology driven solutions for treatment monitoring support etc.